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Osteopathy heals holistically

Osteopathy is similar to physiotherapy, but takes a holistic view of the animal's body instead of focusing on individual body parts. An osteopath not only treats the joints and ligaments, but also focuses on the internal organs and their connective tissue suspension.

I feel for tension and restricted movement and try to mobilize muscles and joints. To do this, I use the following techniques, taking osteopathic principles into account:

  • General Osteopathic Treatment (GOT)
  • Strain/Counterstrain – positional release
  • Muscle energy techniques (MET)
  • Fascia release techniques
  • HVLA techniques ("high velocity, low amplitude", i.e. small, rapid
    movements movements; impulse technique, manipulation or manipulation treatment)
  • Visceral techniques (for the treatment of sliding movements of internal
  • Osteopathy in the head area (cranio-sacral therapy)