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Many riders have the problem that they find it difficult to bend their horses, that they move poorly over their backs or have rhythmic errors. All of this can be solved with Dorn therapy, as the abnormalities are often related to a misalignment in the pelvis and/or shoulder. Over time, these misalignments cause the horses to adopt a relieving posture, which leads to blockages in the spine and surrounding muscle groups.

How quickly these blockages can be released depends on how long the horse has been carrying them around. Of course, the character of the animal also plays a role in the treatment. With distrustful horses, the therapist needs a little more time for the treatment as he first has to gain their trust. Sustainable success can only be achieved if the patient accepts the treatment.


  • tact errors
  • back problems
  • crooked posture
  • different forms of lameness or disturbed movement sequences
  • problems with backward striding or lateral movements
  • problems with the flexion or bending of the horse
  • conspicuous posture of head, neck and tail
  • pinching of the tail
  • lack of willingness to collect
  • problems in changing the gallop, disunited canter
  • Lack of weight bearing
  • shoulder tension
  • obstacle faults or refusals at the jump
  • frequent stumbling
  • prophylaxis for sport horses